Pakistan Court Uplifts TikTok Ban As App Agrees To The Monitor Of ‘Immoral’ Contents

Pappi Hex

A Pakistani high court has said the country's telecommunications authority can lift the ban on TikTok as government officials said that they can work with the social media company to monitor what they termed "immoral" content.

Last month, Chief Justice Qaiser Rashid Khan ordered the ban of TikTok, saying that videos uploaded on the platform were "peddling vulgar" to society and were as well immoral. 

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Just in case you use the standard English dictionary, the Pakistanis government definition of "immoral" content includes nudity, blasphemy, and obscenities. 

During a hearing on Thursday, the head of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) told the court in a hearing that it was in fresh talks with TikTok, and that the social media company has agreed to appoint a focal person to ensure contents were moderated well.

"When people realise the PTA will take action against them they will no longer upload such videos," Peshawar Hight Court Chief Justice Qaiser Rashid Khan said during the hearing.

"We want to acknowledge Pakistan Telecommunication Authority's support and ongoing productive dialogue, and recognise their care for the digital experience of Pakistani users," TikTok said in a statement issued on Thursday after the court ordered the ban be lifted.

The court will resume hearing on May 23.

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