iFun Screen Recorder: A Great Software To Record Your Computer Screen

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This article will discuss my experience using iFun Screen Recorder, a booming screen recorder. 

Developed by the publisher iObit, iFun Screen Recorder is a free software that allows you to film your computer screen in HD quality. You can choose to record the whole screen or only a part (specific window or area) of it and save the final result in different video formats: MP4, AVI, FLV, MOV, MKV, TS, GIF. It also works on Windows 10. This software is the answer for anyone who until today still wants to know how to record screens on Windows 10 easily

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I am honestly someone with little interest in computers and their associated applications. But along with my new profession as a YouTube creator, I have to learn many things, one of which is how to easily record PC screens. After trying iFun Screen Recorder I came to a conclusion. This is the best screen recorder on the market. Want to know why? Keep reading! 

After installing the screen recorder, a floating window appears on the screen offering different options to make your recording:

- with or without audio

- with or without the mouse cursor

- with or without the webcam image (to simultaneously record the screen and the webcam)

- etc.

With iFun Screen Recorder, you can record system sound, music, pc microphone or headset microphone and thus easily create tutorials or game recordings. A countdown is displayed before the recording starts.

Convenient, screen recording is flexible: select any area of ​​your screen to start recording, whether for a small dialog, a software window, or your entire screen. You can also edit your video after recording to cut out the parts you don't want to keep.

It is also possible to take screenshots during video recording using the F11 key. Besides, other keyboard shortcuts allow you to control the recording process: press F9 to start or end recording, use F10 to pause or resume and press the F11 key to take screenshots. I think that the iFun Screenshot feature is one of the best among similar features that other screen recorders have.

Extra bonus, you can directly send/share your videos to social media and streaming platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, Google Drive, or Dropbox. To do this, you just have to click with the right mouse button on the recorded video of your choice to obtain a menu with the option Download (actually upload!).

This software is really easy to use and will be perfect for beginners who want to easily create video recordings (tutorial, screencast, presentation, etc.), but also for experienced users who will also find it useful.

I noticed that iFun Screen Recorder by default puts a very discreet watermark at the top of each video, but it can be removed by unchecking the corresponding box in the software settings. Hopefully, this short review can add to your insight. Thanks for reading and have a nice try!

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