WhatsApp Says it Won't Delete Users Account Who Didn't Accept Its terms But........

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Phew! It's the 15th of May and many people are expecting some action from WhatsApp. Late last year, WhatsApp received heavy backlash after it brought a forceful controversial policy that would allow Facebook to access and manage users' data.

Slated to go into effect on May 15, WhatsApp said users who didn't accept its terms of service won't have full functionality of the messaging service, and eventually, their accounts will be deleted as per their policy.

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However, WhatsApp has now assured users that don't accept its new terms that their accounts won't be deleted. It went on to add that users can accept the new policy at any time.

While your account won't be deleted today, and you won't be able to lose your current chat history and backup, you will be limited to use some WhatsApp features. For the first few weeks, you will still be able to answer incoming voice and video calls, and reply to messages from notifications. 

However, you won't be able to open the chat list because there will be a reminder about the Terms of Service which will be covering your screen once you open the WhatsApp app.

These are the features that you won't be able to use if you don't accept WhatsApp's Terms of Service (via WABetainfo)

  1. You won't be able to send new status updates within the application
  2. It's not possible to forward messages from a chat to another one
  3. You cannot manage and use broadcast lists and create new groups, but you can still be added to a group with other people if your privacy settings allow them to add you. Otherwise, you cannot accept new invites to groups.
  4. Limited Messaging functionality: You won't be able to quote messages or mention participants in your groups, and you won't be able to send voice messages, stickers, and other forms of media within the app.
  5. You won't be able to back up your chat history if you've disabled automatic backup.
  6. You won't be able to use the service click To Chat
  7. You cannot export your chat history
  8. iOS users won't be able to view shared media anymore unless you've previously exported them. Android WhatsApp users will still be able to view their WhatsApp media via a File Manager.

Eventually, WhatsApp will delete your account because of inactivity as stated in its policy for accounts inactive for 120 days.

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