Thailand Is Offering Cows, Chickens, And More To Citizens Who Take The Covid-19 Vaccine

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While the Pakistani government is busy threatening to block SIM cards of citizens, and as well, withhold salaries of government employees who refuse to take the Covid-19 vaccine, other countries on the same continent are offering incentives to citizens to speed up the vaccination process.

Chickens, cows, paid leave, and even a 1 million dollar apartment are some of the things being offered in some South Asia countries as the majority of the citizens show reluctance in getting vaccinated, with widespread misinformation and fueling hesitancy over safety, efficacy, and religious concerns.

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In the Mae Chaem district of Chiang Mai province, Thailand, where the majority of the residents are farmers, authorities launched a weekly draw in which those vaccinated stands a chance to win a young cow worth around 10,000 baht (about $319).

The campaign which begun on June 7 and is to run for 24 weeks and so far has been a hit in the town of 43,000 since it was announced. 

Authorities say the campaign has prompted over 50% of the population in the district, with many elderly and high-risk groups now willing to participate.

Thailand has a population of 66 million, and just 4.67 million have received at least a dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. To boost the take of the vaccines, other provinces in Thailand have also come up with incentives such as gold necklace giveaways, store discount coupons, and cash handouts.

In Hong Kong, though the pandemic has been kept under control, authorities are concerned over new outbreaks given the low rate of vaccination.

The incentives on offer out there for Hong Kongers include shopping vouchers, flight, and a new apartment with HK$10.8 ($1.4 million). While some businesses are offering paid leave for those who have been vaccinated too.

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