WhatsApp Is Working On A Flash Calls Feature That Will Allow You To Log In Quickly

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WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new feature on WhatsApp beta that helps its users to log into their accounts quickly. 

Before, when a user tries to log into WhatsApp, a 6-digit code is usually sent to their phone for verification. However, this feature uses an automatic verification method over call, similar to True Caller.

Called Flash Calls, this feature will make a flash call to the user for the purpose of verification. Not only is this method faster than the SMS verification process, but it will also prove useful once multi-device support is rolled out and users will be able to log in to multiple devices simultaneously.

This feature was first spotted by WhatsApp features tracker WABetaInfo who shared details on who the feature works.

"WhatsApp will call your phone number and then automatically end the call, verifying that the last phone number in your phone's log is equal to the number that gives you the 6-digit code. This phone number is always different, so there is no way to trick this method, ensuring a safe experience," WABetaInfo said.

For this feature to work, WhatsApp will ask the user for permission to "make and manage calls" and "access your phone's call log." WhatsApp is reportedly working on an introduction for the feature to explain why it needs these permission grants.

However, this feature will be implemented on WhatsApp for Android alone, and won't make it to WhatsApp for iOS since Apple doesn't offer any public API to read the call history. 

Also, this feature is optional and isn't mandatory even for Android users. You can still stick to the SMS or call methods to receive the 6-digits confirmation code. For now, the flash call feature is still under development and hasn't been enabled in beta yet.

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