Google Is Killing APKs On The Google Play Store Come August

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Google has announced a big change coming to the Android app ecosystem for all developers who want to list their applications on the Google Play Store.

If you own an Android phone, you should know the standard format for publishing apps on the Google Play Store is APK. However, Google has announced that starting August this year, developers will be required to publish apps using the Android App Bundle.

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While Google says currently existing apps are exempted from using the Android App Bundle, it has listed some benefits of using the new Android publishing format, such as smaller app downloads for users.

But then, the Android App Bundle is a format that only the Google Play Store uses, which know, complicate the overall app redistribution. But of course, Google might be on to something here.

Last week, Microsoft released Windows 11 to the public, and to our surprise, Microsoft made it possible to install and run Android apps on the newly launched OS. This move means Windows 11 OS now give Android users another reason to stick with them and dish Chrome OS, which happens to be made by Google.

Back then, Chrome OS was the only operating system that you could directly download and use Android apps from the Google Play Store without the use of an emulator. Now the case is different and the internet search giant's brow is furrowed. 

Google's transition to App Bundles means Windows 11 users will be limited to a few apps using the old Android APK format. 

For now, developers planning on releasing new apps have a short time to release them in APK formats, or just go with the new format which is go into effect come August.

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