What Should I Study in College If I'm Interested in Cryptos?

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Cryptocurrency looks like it's here to stay, and many want to get involved in this disruptive technology. However, if you want to make a career out of this technology, exactly what should you be studying to gain the higher education you need to really make a splash in the market? If college is part of your plan and crypto is your passion, here's what you should study in college if you're interested in crypto.

Before you get started, prepare to apply to top colleges.

Cryptocurrency is relatively new, which means that you're going to want to truly stand out from the competition if you wish to specialize in this niche. How? Start by looking at top colleges that offer great financial degree programs where you know you will get the education you need to thrive. Then, get the help you need to get through the college admissions process with college admissions counselling.

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With counseling support, you can ensure that items like your admissions essay and college application are as well-written as they can be, get the guidance you need to fully understand college admissions expectations for your chosen universities, and work with counselors who can improve your chances of getting accepted. Your future begins today!

Consider getting a finance degree if you're interested in accounting.

Cryptocurrency is a complex financial asset that many new traders may not be as familiar with as they should be. For example, let's imagine that you read a KuCoin review and signed up with them as your cryptocurrency exchange because of their large number of trading pairs and ease of trading. Then, you invested in a number of assets on KuCoin including Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin, and regularly traded these digital assets.

Unlike fiat currency, digital currency is not treated as regular cash. Selling off coins and tokens can come with many financial implications like paying hefty trading fees and network fees, dealing with complex crypto tax laws like capital gains taxes or income taxes, and gaining passive income if you hold your funds in a wallet at a crypto exchange where they pay interest.

If you're interested most in the financial side of things, you may want to consider pursuing a finance degree and focus on building your education around cryptocurrency. A finance degree will give you all the support you need to pursue a traditional career in finance. However, it also gives you the opportunity to manage investments for those interested in crypto or become a crypto accountant or tax preparer who helps new users of different cryptocurrencies understand the true cost of trading cryptocurrency. Although this idea can be broad, it's a perfect place to get started if finance is your thing.

Dive into the technology behind the coin at blockchain universities.


All of the digital assets that traders will encounter in the cryptocurrency space rely on a technology known as blockchain technology. For some, the technology behind the coin can be far more interesting as it can be applied to a host of industries like healthcare to disrupt the way that they function. If you're more interested in blockchain than the coins themselves, you may wish to look into universities known for their reputation in blockchain. With the right dedication and tech know-how, you too can make a splash in the crypto space.

Cryptocurrency is a relatively new offering, but it's quickly becoming a passion and focus for many students due to our pervasiveness in our society. But if you're interested in pursuing crypto professionally, how do you make this a reality? If you want to use your college degree to pursue a job in cryptocurrency, use the guide above to gain some insight into how you can achieve just that!

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