Are You Making A Video Project? Here's How To Download The Right Audio

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If you're making a video, chances are you'll need sound. You don't want people listening to silence or an old TV show theme song. This guide will help you download high-quality, royalty-free music and sound effects that won't break your budget.

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YouTube Audio Library

If you are making a video project, YouTube is an incredible resource. You can download royalty-free music and sound effects from the library that has millions of tracks in it. It's completely free for your projects whether they're personal or commercial. Be aware though that most songs there have different licenses attached to them so be sure to read the details of the license which you agree to when downloading.

You can use YouTube's search bar or browse by category. As for what kind of audio tracks are in there, they have an incredible variety ranging from sound effects, music clips and loops, voice-over recordings with background sounds included virtual instruments like drums and piano tracks and even full-length songs that can be used in your project.


If you can't find what you're looking for in the YouTube library, several free converters allow you to download files from other websites. One such converter is To use it, copy and paste the URL of your desired music into the bar provided by this software. select MP-quality mp-files, 320 kbps, or wav files; paste the link of your video that you want to use the music track in. Once these are all set up, hit "Start Download" and choose where you'd like to save it on your computer's hard drive. There are many other converters available that allow for downloading from different websites.

Other Free Sources

There are many free resources that you can use for downloading audio tracks. These resources, however, aren't necessarily made to download music or sound effects so be sure to read the description of each song carefully before using it in your video project. One such resource is which has royalty-free songs available for download with different licenses attached to them - some allowing commercial projects and others not. Other websites like YouTube itself have a library filled with thousands upon thousands of clips from movies and TV shows which include background sounds already included within the file! All you need to do is find what suits your needs best - search by category or through their massive catalog on the website's homepage.


Take a look at the license which you agree to when downloading from YouTube or any other website that has audio tracks available for download. Make sure what kind of projects you can use those songs in as well as how long your videos can be and whether they need attribution to the author(s) of each song. If there are no stipulations mentioned, it's best not to include them in anything commercial - even if the license does allow it. This ensures that all artists who have created these works receive their due credits and royalties for using their tracks!

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Royalty-free vs. Copyrighted

Royalty-free music refers to tracks that are free of any royalties or licensing fees that you must pay for using them in your project. Be aware though that even royalty-free music can still be copyrighted and requires attribution if used commercially. On the other hand, copyright material is not necessarily royalty-free - this means there will probably be a fee attached should you decide to use it commercially without permission from its creator(s). The only difference between these two types of materials is whether they require payment once sold/used by someone else (royalty) or each time they're sold (copyright).


Make sure to include any artist attributions within your project! This is important not only for the sake of giving credit where it's due, but also so that you don't get in trouble with them or their agents once they find out. There are several websites and blogs dedicated to finding royalty-free music and sound effects for commercial use - one such example can be found at Their website allows searching by category as well as age rating (so that content suitable only for adults doesn't accidentally turn up in a children's video). They even include information on how much attribution should appear before each track which makes things easier when choosing what works best for your project!

Know The Law

Don't break copyright laws! Be sure to understand what you can and cannot do when downloading audio tracks for your video projects. There are many websites out there that offer free downloads of songs (like imeem) but remember, these might not always be royalty-free or even legal in certain countries like the US which has quite a few restrictions on copyrighted material. Always check with someone who understands more about this matter than you if unsure - it's better safe than sorry!

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Good luck with making your video project! Do some research on free music websites online and make a list of ones you'd like to try out first before committing yourself financially to buying royalty-free tracks.

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