WhatsApp Will Permanently Delete Accounts That Mention This Word

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The mention of a single word could get your WhatsApp account deleted! Yes, you heard it right. You could get your WhatsApp banned when you intentionally or mistakenly mentioned a forbidden word on the Meta-owned messaging platform.

WhatsApp as you know is the world's most popular messaging app. The app can be used for video calling, voice messaging, chats, and the exchange of multimedia on different OS platforms between different users.

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However, WhatsApp is focused on users privacy and safety. And thus, accounts of users found violating it's Terms of Service which includes promoting violent crimes, endagering or exploiting children and others will be banned. 

According to Show News, WhatsApp will automatically delete groups named "pwdofilia" or any member of a group with that name. Also, files, photos, videos and other forms of multimedia will be deleted permanently, and can't be recovered.

Also, if the action becomes a recurring practice, WhatsApp will permanently ban the offending users account.

Talking about security, WhatsApp scams and account takeover keeps increasing year-over-year, and the Meta-owned messaging app has called upon its users to activate the two-step verification method to add an extra layer of security.

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