These 68 Paid Android Apps Are Going As Free Download For A Limited Period of Time

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Our Friday free app sales are here as a free download for a limited period of time on the Google Play Store.

Today's list contains 68 Play Store apps on sale, and they cover categories in gaming, education, utility, productivity, tools, events, and more. The list contains many interesting apps with  5 million Play Store downloads and good ratings too.

But then, these Play Store apps won't stay free forever. Some will be free for today, some for a few more days, while others will stay free for as long as 7 days.

So if you've been looking for the complete list of android apps on sale this week, look no further. Share the list with your friends and those you think it will benefit. Enjoy.

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Free App Sales

  1. Unit Converter (Pega Pro) Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $7.49
  2. Speed View GPS Pro Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  3. Equalizer FX Pro Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  4. Pro Mp3 player – Qamp Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  5. EZ Notes – Notes Voice Notes Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $4.99
  6. Camera 4K Pro – Perfect, Selfie, Video, Photo Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  7. Mandala Maker 360 Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.49
  8. Mental Hospital II Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  9. My English Grammar Test PRO Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  10. Face Video Morph Animator HD Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $4.99
  11. UT Promoter – PRO: Get views and subscribers Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  12. PixEye – Testing and repairing the device Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  13. Anti Virus & Internet security Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.49


  1. League of Stickman 2020- Ninja Arena PVP(Dreamsky) Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  2. League of Stickman – Best action game(Dreamsky) Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  3. Infinity Dungeon! Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  4. Zombie Avengers:(Dreamsky)Stickman War Z Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  5. [VIP]Missile Dude RPG tap-shot Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  6. Timing Hero PV: Retro Fighting Action RPG Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $3.49
  7. Cartoon Craft Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  8. Lophis Roguelike:Card RPG game,Darkest Dungeon Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  9. Wonder Knights PV: Nonstop Action Shmup RPG Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $3.49
  10. 2048 – Puzzle Game Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $3.99
  11. The Weapon King VIP – Making Legendary Swords Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  12. King of Defense Premium: Tower Defense Offline Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.49
  13. Bricks Breaker Pro Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $3.99
  14. FASTAR VIP – Shooting Star Rhythm Game Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  15. Dungeon Corporation S: An auto-farming RPG game! Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.49
  16. Last Day Survival-Zombie Shooting 24H Dark Dungeon Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  17. The Lost Lands Dinosaur Hunter Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  18. Dementia: Book of the Dead Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  19. Truth Or Dare Pro Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  20. Sudoku Ultimate Offline Puzzle Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $2.49
  21. Hero’s 2nd Memory : Offline Shooting RPG Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  22. Merge Monster VIP – Offline Idle Puzzle RPG Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  23. LeagueMon VIP – Offline League Monster Defence Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  24. Word Search Fun – PRO Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  25. Word Chess PRO Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  26. Balloons Pop PRO Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  27. Word Crush PRO Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  28. DungeonMon! Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  29. Superheroes Junior Premium Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  30. Requence Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  31. Glidey – Minimal puzzle game Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  32. Becker cat’s adventures Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  33. Perfect Fit Block Puzzle Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  34. Sniper master 3D – call of commando shooting games Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  35. Bottle breaker 3D – real bottle shooting game Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  36. Escape Balls :The Premium Game Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  37. 57° North Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $2.99
  38. Merge Number Puzzle Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $3.99
  39. Word Tower PRO Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  40. Jewels Classic Pro 2021 Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  41. Archery Physics Shooter 2019 Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  42. Tap Legend Premium Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  43. Burning Fortress 2 Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.00
  44. 10×10 Merge Dice Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  45. Does the Dog Die? Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $3.99
  46. Find Those Words! PRO Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99

Icon apps & customization:

  1. Pixel Nougat – Icon Pack Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  2. Supercons – The Superhero Icon Pack Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  3. Milky Launcher Pro Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.49
  4. Star Launcher Prime Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.49
  5. Cuticon Drop – Icon Pack Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.49
  6. D7: pack the colored Dominoes per 7. Casual game. Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  7. Pixel Net White – Icon Pack Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.49
  8. 3D Sun Watch Live Wallpaper Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  9. Awf A njuna – watch faceCurrent Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.49

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