These 71 Paid Android Apps Are Going As Free Download For A Limited Period of Time

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Our Tuesday free app sales are here as a free download for a limited period of time on the Google Play Store.

This list contains 71 Play store apps on sale that cover categories in gaming, utility, education, personalization, and more. These Play Store applications are time-based and will remain available as per the time given by their developers.

Some applications will stay free for a few hours, some for a day, while others will stay for as long as 7 days. Mind you, any paid Android application that you download while it's in a free state will remain that way on your phone. You won't have to pay anything when it reverts back to its former state.

Take a few minutes of your time, go through the list, and download as many apps as you can. Stick to our site for more free giveaways like this.

Free App Sales


  1. GPS Speed Pro Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  2. Relaxing Sleep Sounds PRO Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  3. Sleep Faster, Meditation Pro Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $8.49
  4. Video Enhancer Pro – Display photos vividly. Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $2.99
  5. Tracker Detect Pro for AirTag Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $3.99
  6. Livemocha: Learn Languages (Special Edition) Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  7. Los tiempos verbales en inglés Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.49
  8. Number to word converter offline Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  9. Stark Fitness: Simply Train Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $19.99
  10. Star Link 2: Constellation Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  11. Smart Loan Calculator Pro Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $8.49
  12. Learn Korean Word Quiz Pro Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $8.49
  13. Website Shortcut Maker – URL Shortcut Maker Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  14. Shout Screen – Big Text Announcements Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  15. b-hyve Pro Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $9.99
  16. Task Destroyer Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  17. 360º VR Photo Beautiful Sites Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  18. Med Helper Pro Pill Reminder Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $3.99
  19. CarBux Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  20. Lovely Kitty Cat Virtual Pet Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  21. 20 WPM CW Morse code trainer Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99


  1. Shadow of Death: Dark Knight Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $3.99
  2. Coin Princess! Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  3. Everybody’s RPG Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  4. Live or Die: Survival Pro Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  5. Stickman Ghost Premium Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  6. Shadow Knight: Ninja Fighting Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  7. Dungeon Corporation Platinum Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  8. Speed Math – Mini Math Games Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.49
  9. Dungeon and Pixel Hero VIP Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  10. The Lost Ship Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $3.99
  11. Demon Warrior Premium Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  12. Dead Bunker 2 HD Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  13. Kindergarten to Grandmaster Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $2.49
  14. Connect – colorful casual game Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  15. Superhero Armor Premium Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  16. Word Search Fun – PRO Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  17. Word Chess PRO Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  18. My English Grammar Test PRO Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  19. Memorize: TOEFL Vocabulary Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $4.99
  20. Balloons Pop PRO Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  21. Word Crush PRO Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  22. Kamikazee Dice Score Card Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  23. Requence Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  24. Pirate Defender Premium Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  25. Boss Rush: Mythology Mobile Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.49
  26. Pyramids VR Roller Coaster Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  27. VR Pirates Ahoy – Underwater Shipwrecks Voyage Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  28. Intergalactic Space Virtual Reality Roller Coaster Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  29. Word Tower PRO Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  30. One Shot Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  31. Bagatur Chess Engine with GUI: Chess AI Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  32. Non Stop Balloons Shooter Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  33. Gravity Force Finger 137: Cross Orbits Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  34. Find Those Words! PRO Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99

Icon apps & customization:

  1. Quick Volume Control in notification bar Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  2. Planet O – Icon Pack Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  3. Ringtone Scheduler – Ringtone as per your mood Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  4. Black Army Ruby – Icon Pack Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.49
  5. Edge Side Bar – Swipe Apps – App Shortcuts Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  6. Contacts Widget – Quick Dial Widget – Speed Dial Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  7. Pixel Net – Neon Icon Pack Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.49
  8. Brightness Control – Brightness Scheduler Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  9. Pumre – Icon Pack Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  10. Diamond – Icon Pack Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.49
  11. Nova Galaxy Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  12. Light Purple – Icon Pack Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  13. Computer Win11 Launcher Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $4.49
  14. Flip Clock Pro – Pay once for life Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $3.49
  15. Shiroimono icon pack Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  16. Notification Station for KWGT Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99

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