Free App Sales: Get These 65 Paid Play Store Apps For Free

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Our Friday Play Store apps on sale are here as a free download for a limited period of time. These are paid Google Play Store apps and games that have a download fee but will be available as free Android apps on sale as per the time given by the developers.

So how did we come about these Android free apps? Well, we combed the Play Store and apps like AppSales to compile todays list which has Play Store applications that cover categories in gaming, productivity, education, utility, tools, and more categories.

Just so you know, each app has its own time in which it can be accessed for free. Some apps will stay free for just a hours, a day, while others will stay free for as long as 7 days. 

However, any of the listed applications in this list download during this free app sales period will remain free for the user even the sales is no longer going on. So what are you waiting for? Go check and get your app for free!

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Free App Sales:


  1. VPN Pro – Pay once for life Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  2. SkanApp hands-free PDF book sc Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $19.99
  3. Equalizer & Bass Booster Pro Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  4. Equalizer Bass Booster Pro Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  5. Equalizer Bass Booster Pro Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  6. Equalizer FX Pro Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  7. English for all! Pro Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  8. Correlate – Health Diary and L Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $2.99
  9. Equalizer – Bass Booster pro Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  10. Equalizer – Bass Booster Pro Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  11. Mandala Maker 360 Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.49
  12. Video Gallery – HD Video Live Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  13. Memorize: IELTS Vocabulary Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $4.99
  14. Black Crypto-Cloud Mining Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $9.99
  15. Spelling Check PRO Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  16. Simple Quote Widget – Quote of Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  17. 150X Duplicate Remover Pro Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.49
  18. iR XBOX ONE – X & S Remote Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $2.99
  19. Memorize: Learn Vietnamese Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $4.99
  20. VPN PRO Pay once for lifetime Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $2.99
  21. Volume Booster Max Pro Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99


  1. Stickman Legends Offline Games Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  2. Live or Die: Survival Pro Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  3. Evertale Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  4. Coin Princess! Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  5. Infinity Dungeon! Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  6. Cartoon Craft Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  7. Zombie Age 3 Premium: Survival Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  8. Infinity Dungeon 2! Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  9. Dungeon Corp. S (Idle RPG) Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.49
  10. WindWings: Space shooter, Gala Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  11. DEEMO -Reborn- Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  12. Grow Heroes VIP Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  13. Stickman Warriors Dragon Hero Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  14. Rogue Hearts Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  15. Traffic Jam Cars Puzzle Legend Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  16. Final Castle Defence:Idle RPG Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  17. Magnetic Balls HD Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  18. WeaponWar! Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  19. Escape Balls :The Premium Game Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.49
  20. Fire Fall : Rescue quest Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.49
  21. Let the Pharaoh Free Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  22. Special Elite force Mission Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $7.99
  23. Murphy Laws Guessing Game PRO Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.49
  24. Brain Game – Find5x 4P Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.49

Icon apps & customization:

  1. Milky Launcher Pro Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.49
  2. Aolix Icon Pack Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  3. Cute Icon Pack Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.49
  4. Nomo – Icon Pack Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.49
  5. Batrix Live Wallpaper Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  6. Pixel Net – Neon Icon Pack Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.49
  7. Fledermaus – Icon Pack Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.49
  8. Ripped Icon Pack Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $2.99
  9. Coral Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.49
  10. Ninbo – Icon Pack Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  11. Planets 3D Live Wallpaper Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $5.99
  12. Diver Style 2 Revamped Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  13. Awf Rush E – watch face Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  14. SH017 Watch Face, WearOS watch Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  15. Bond 3.0 – digital watch face Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.99
  16. Lineblack – Pink icon Pack Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.49
  17. Digital Basic 5 12H/24H Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  18. Linios Pink – Icon Pack Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.49
  19. WFP 301 modern watch face Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $0.99
  20. Clear Square White Icon Pack Current Price: FREE Previous Price: $1.49

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