You Can Now Sign Up On Telegram Without A SIM Card

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For years, we've wondered about the possibility of having to use Telegram without an actual phone number connected to us. Well, it's finally here as the privacy focused-messaging app has rolled out an update that no longer requires a SIM card for users to sign up.

Before the roll-out of this feature, Telegram has always given users the option to display or make their phone number visible to strangers. Users could as well decide for themselves if they wanted to be found via their phone number or not when other users searched.

The new update brings new features such as no SIM sign-up, auto-delete chats, aggressive anti-spam, interactive emoji, temporary QR codes, and many other changes.

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However, when it comes to the area of owning an account without a SIM card, users are required to use a blockchain-powered anonymous number available on a platform called Fragment. In other words, those in need of this anonymous number will have to pay for it.

Telegram will also let users to auto-delete future messages. The company first self-destructing messages in 2013, which applied only to messages already sent or received. However, this new update allows users to set a "global auto-delete timer", which automatically applies to new chats. 

"Telegram's unique combination of removing messages for all participants without a trace, and controlling existing and future chats with auto-delete timers gives you full ownership of your entire message history. Together with using your account without a SIM card it delivers ultimate privacy," Telegram said.

Talking about privacy, this new update will allow an account user that hides their phone number from everyone to generate a temporary QR code. This way, other users will get to scan and add them to their contact without actually revealing their phone number.

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