A close look into the Blackjack history

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Blackjack has stunned the world with its captivating and seat gripping action. Very few table games come close to rivalling the popularity of blackjack, well maybe poker - claim no deposit slots bonus now.

But we are not talking about poker today, we are going to be talking about the rich history that blackjack has to offer. And no, it was not made by an African man named Jack, you’d be surprised at how often we have to make that clear to people.

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The European connection

Modern forms of blackjack have been said to date back as far as early 18th century Europe. But there are a few competing theories out there suggesting which country it really originated from. This is why we have put together a small list of some of the dominant theories about the emergence of Blackjack. 

  1. Spain: some believe that modern blackjack appeared from Madrid Spain. Madrid at the beginning of the 18th century was a hub for elites seeking to find new exhilarating ways to wager their money. It is said that Blackjack’s ancestors came from the Spanish game of Trenta-uno.

  2. France: most believe that blackjack, or at least the modern version, comes from the south of France. This theory is very popular because many believe that blackjack came from the game vingt et un, which translates to twenty one which is the amount of cards you need to play blackjack.

  3. Italy: others, all thought few, believe that blackjack comes from Rome in Italy. This is because there is a very common game, still played today, that is called sette y mezzo which is very similar to blackjack. Almost uncanny in fact. 

Madame moustache

It is no secret that blackjack saw its first major glimpse of success in the United States of America. But why? What happened over there that made blackjack so special, well some say - it’s because of a little lady called Madame Moustache.

Of course, this was not her real name but a nickname given to her for her hairy upper lip. Madame Moustache was a talented french dealer that immigrated young to the United States. She brought her craft from Philadelphia all the way to California, and the game of blackjack with her. She impressed players with her skills and hard to please attitude, she would lure rich men In with her good looks, despite the moustache, while keeping them at bay with her stern attitude. When she finished travelling, she finally settled in Los Angeles and opened one of the first blackjack tables in the city. She quickly became popular and brought the game of blackjack with her as she rose to become a historical figure. 


From the rich histories of Europe and the fantastic tail of madam moustache, blackjack has shown it’s colourful and interesting past like osrs nightmare guide. Now that you know a bit of the history of blackjack you are ready to impress you casino friends and hop back onto that table. Make sure to bet responsibly and have fun!


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