Benefits of Salesforce-Based App Use for e-Commerce

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GlobeNewswire reports that the world's Salesforce services industry is growing by 15.3% annually and will continue to actively develop till at least 2029. Experts from attribute such intensive growth to the multiple strong sides of such services, especially for e-commerce companies. To prove this, they have shared first-hand insights on the key advantages of the mentioned software for brands selling goods and services online. Keep reading for a closer look at this information.

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Increased Corporate Effectiveness

The specified applications enable you to create a complete e-commercial environment that allows for consolidated interactions and collaboration between suppliers, sales reps, partners, etc. In this way, your company can avoid any drawbacks in cooperation.

Decreased Error Probability specialists say that Salesforce-based apps offer a lot of features that allow for automating routine processes. Deploying said features as a part of recurring operations' execution, you can easily reduce the number of human-factor mistakes to zero.

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Of course, robotized features can't perform all the corporate tasks on their own. However, Noltic experts state that using such functions allows for taking off a significant part of the workload of the employees. Also, automation will help deal with sudden or seasonal spikes in demand for your services and goods and decrease the daily stress for your employees. As a result, your team will stay energized and able to perform their assignments much better.

Enhanced Business Analytics

Salesforce-powered software allows you to introduce multiple AI-based features. Such functions enable you to quickly process massive amounts of data related to the operation of your e-commerce company. Hence, you will be able to conduct a deeper workflow analysis. According to specialists, this gives you these advantages:

  • receiving more comprehensive corporate reports;
  • discovering hidden flaws that can impede your company's growth;
  • more accurate forecasts to come up with more effective business plans.

The benefits listed above will help you stand out from your competitors on the market. This, in turn, increases your visibility. As a result, customers begin to trust your brand more, and your corporate income keeps growing.

Effective Marketing Campaigns Tracking

Modern marketers promote the brand through several channels simultaneously to achieve better results. Noltic experts report that such an approach has an essential downside. Namely, the complexity of omnichannel advertising campaigns' tracking.

Turning to a Salesforce-based solution can significantly simplify the monitoring process. Using the mentioned software, you can do the following:

  • easily streamline the flow of the relevant info to the campaigns held on different social media platforms, mail services, etc.;
  • get efficiency reports on your e-commerce brand promotion for each separate channel;
  • quickly identify and address the weaknesses of your marketing strategy.

All the above helps e-commerce company owners make more informed business decisions, duly adjust their investment plans, and have a clear picture of the promotional activities’ impact on sales.


Salesforce-based applications can enhance your e-business productivity, decrease your team’s workload, and boost customer satisfaction. However, this is true only if you cooperate with trusted service providers with all the relevant Salesforce certificates. Only reliable agencies with proven expertise in the field can deliver quality apps at a favorable cost. You may find recommendations for a reliable ISV selection in thematic blogs, like the one on the Noltic official website.


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