What's The Difference Between an Seo Expert & Digital Agency?

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Companies frequently face an important decision in digital marketing: choosing between hiring an SEO specialist or teaming with a digital agency like Websites That Sell in Australia to enhance their online presence. While both are designed to increase company visibility and performance on the web, each has distinct differences that must be taken into consideration before making their choice. 


In this blog post we outline What's the difference between a SEO Expert & Digital Agency? to enable businesses to make an informed decision when developing an online marketing strategy.

SEO Expert:

1. Specialized Skill Set 

SEO specialists specialize in search engine optimization. Their specialized skill set includes knowledge of various SEO techniques, algorithms and best practices - this allows them to optimize websites to rank higher in search engine results.


3. Customized Assistance: 

Hire an SEO expert, and they become focused on you as the primary client. They will work directly with your business to understand its goals and cater their strategies specifically for them - this one-on-one relationship allows for maximum personalization.


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3. Cost-Effective Solutions for Smaller Projects: 

Hiring an SEO expert can be an economical solution for smaller websites or those looking to address specific SEO issues. Their services can be purchased either on an hourly or project basis, making budgeting for their needs easier.


4. Immediate Communication: 

Working directly with an SEO expert often allows for faster communication. You can quickly reach out with any progress updates, concerns, or strategy modifications as they arise - which helps foster a great working relationship between all involved.

Digital Marketing Agency:

1. Comprehensive Services: 

Digital marketing agencies typically offer comprehensive services that go well beyond SEO, such as social media management and content promotion; their comprehensive approach can meet various marketing needs in one go.


2. Diverse Skill Sets: 

A digital agency typically comprises a team of professionals with varied expertise, such as SEO specialists, content creators, social media managers and web designers - each bringing something different to the table that together form an all-round approach to marketing.


3. Scalability:  

Digital agencies can meet the needs of businesses of any size. As your company expands, digital agencies have the capacity to adapt their strategies in response.


4. Ongoing Maintenance:  

Digital agencies often offer ongoing support and maintenance of online presences. Their experts can monitor and adjust marketing strategies as necessary, making sure that your digital footprint remains effective and up-to-date.

Key Differences 

1. Specialization and Versatility:

Aside from price, one of the main differences between an SEO expert and digital agency lies in their respective specialization areas; an SEO specialist typically specializes in improving search engine performance while an agency typically offers more comprehensive marketing solutions.

2. Personal Attention and Team Collaboration

Working with an SEO expert usually offers more personalized experience. You develop direct rapport with one professional; in contrast, digital agencies leverage multiple perspectives and ideas from multiple members of their team.

3. Project-Based or Long-Term Engagement

An SEO specialist or ongoing maintenance can be hired for specific projects or ongoing maintenance, which can help address specific issues or achieve short-term goals. Digital agencies typically specialize in long-term partnerships for comprehensive and sustained marketing efforts.

4. Cost Considerations

Cost considerations vary between SEO experts and digital agencies. SEO specialists tend to charge per project or hourly, making them cost-effective options for smaller businesses; digital agencies often involve longer contracts but offer greater services and expertise.



Overall, choosing between an SEO expert or digital agency depends on your business's specific goals and needs. While smaller organizations or those with well-defined SEO requirements may find an SEO specialist sufficient, companies seeking comprehensive online marketing solutions and long-term partnerships could benefit more from working with a digital agency whose specialists possess different skill sets and can scalability better. Your decision should align with both business objectives and budgetary considerations.


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