How to Secure Social Media Accounts In 2024

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Social media has become part of our lives, and over 60% of the global population has their accounts on different social media platforms. You share personal information, media, and many private things with your friends and family on social media. So, security becomes the prime concern while using social media accounts. Many people don’t know what to do to secure their accounts. If you’re one of them, don’t worry; we’re here to help you with this article. Let’s look at how you can secure your social media accounts effectively. 

Focus on Phishing Scams

Phishing scams create a massive mess for social media account holders. But with a bit of consideration, you can avoid these scams. First, you need to keep your personal information as close as possible. Many websites and spammy accounts use attractive things as bait to hack your social media account. 

Many Scammers offer some bonuses and gifts and ask to click on them. Many people use these links to open presents and become victims of phishing scams. For instance, if you’re a gambler and find betting Sites for Australians, you must check the links before clicking on them.

Some Other Common Social Media Phishing Prevention 

  • Avoid any links in a post unless you’re sure about them
  • Take ample time to analyze and respond to any post 
  • Don’t share your personal information such as credit card, etc. 
  • Accept request or connect after research 
  • Check the organization to whom someone belongs 
  • Check the number of followers 
  • Limit access
  • Monitor your social media account regularly 

Create a Unique and Strong Password

It is crucial to set a strong and unique password. You are wisely advised to create a password that contains all individual character letters and numbers. As you know, establishing a solid and memorable password is the primary line of defense. Creating a unique password is like a task. You must avoid simple passwords and re-use passwords because hackers love this. After all, one password is the key to several accounts. You can also try a password manager that can create those passwords for you and safely store them.


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Protect Your Privacy

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allow you to make your profile and posts visible to friends only. When you set the privacy of your social media account, it keeps the broader internet from seeing your activities on your account, such as what you are doing, what you are saying, and what you posting, which helps to protect the privacy of your social media accounts.

Avoid Strangers Requests

You must avoid strangers and keep them from entering your account. You must say “no” to strangers bearing friend requests. Strangers can be more than just strangers; they can be fake accounts that want to gather information on users for cybercrime, or they can be an account designed to spread false information. Facebook took action with 1.8 billion fake accounts. So, you must be critical and reject such friend requests which you receive from strangers.

Consider Sharing Photos and Stories 

You must consider when you share photos and stories of your adventures as you know nothing says “there is nobody at home right now” like that most of you are on vacation or sharing your location while you are out of the city or station. As you know, these posts announce your whereabouts to a broad audience of your followers.

Tags Analysis 

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram let users review posts tagged with their profile names. Check your account settings and give yourself the highest degree of control over how others use your tags. This will help keep you aware of where you are being mentioned by others and in what way. Tag analysis can be an outstanding way to secure and protect your social media accounts.

Final Word 

No doubt, there is always a chance to get hacked on your social media account after these precautions, but you must follow them. As you know, circumstances change over time, so you must keep your social media accounts updated. Plus, you should secure your account with a multilayered protection system. Besides, you can buy some tools to check the security of your social media account. Last, you can secure your social media accounts with the above mentioned measures. 

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