20 iPhones for a House: How a Chinese Girl tricked her 20 boyfriends, got 20 iPhones to buy a house

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 How a girl tricked her 20 boyfriends into buying for her 20 iPhones? Sounds funny and crazy but real. Last week a property story made waves on the Chinese media.
  A user by the name of Proud Qiaoba posted a story on popular Tian Ya Yi Du forum about her friend Xiaoli who had asked each of her 20 current boyfriends to buy her the newly launched iPhone 7, reported the BBC.

  According to Proud Qiaoba, Xiaoli (which is not her real name) sold the 20 iPhones to Hui Shou Bao (a mobile recycling site) for 115,010 yuan which she then used the money to deposit for a house in the country side, BBC reported.

 In the post, Proud Qiaoba also noted that Xiaoli didn't come from a wealthy family and her parents were getting old and so she was under a lot of pressure to buy the parents a house. Proud Qiaoba said that she and the friends were very surprised when Xiaoli showed them her new house and also revealed to them the trick she used in getting the money.

 "Everyone in the office is talking about this now," wrote Proud Qiaoba. "Who knows what her boyfriends think now this news has become public."

 Xiaoli's tricks soon went viral and the hashtag 20 mobiles for a house soon began to trend on Weibo with internet visitors using the hashtag more than 13million times.

So many people showed admiration for Xiaoli's wittiness while others disapproved her. Some claimed that the whole story was a marketing strategy by mobile phone recycling company Hui Shou Bao. BBC made contact with the company and confirmed that the company had actually bought the devices from a female client at the start of the month of October, paying about 5,750 yuan for each phone.

 BBC tried to get in touch with the customer via the company but failed. The company on their part claimed that their client's life has been affected with the attention of local media and so far she doesn't want the media to cover the story.

  20 iPhones for a home, Chinese girl buys house with iphones gotten boyfriends


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