Teen who DDoS and Jammed 911 emergency call service line arrested

Pappi Hex

 The Maricopa County Sherrif have arrested and charged an 18-year-old with three counts of computer tampering after he DDoS the Arizona's emergency services with thousands of bogus 911 telephone calls.

 The Suspect Meetkumar Hiteshbhai Desai, told the Police that he wanted to expose an iOS bug that made phones to freeze and restart, hoping that Apple would pay him a bounty for the flaws. He said he tried to share the link to the java Script code on Twitter but instead he mistakenly shared the link to one of his old apps that could hijack a user phone and automate calls to 911.

  Mr Desai said the bug he used in the exploit had been sent to him by an online friend. He said he only intended to use the bug and become popular within the online programmer community.

 The Maricopa County sheriff, in a statement said that the link has been clicked almost 2,000 times which threatens the emergency service across Arizona. Mr Desai's case could be treated same as a second degree murder case.

  Teen DDoS 911 emergency line, Arizona boy chokes 911 call line

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