US suffers another Voters data breach, Multiple States involved this time

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  From the leaking of the confidential emails of America's Presidential candidate down to the release of millions of voters data in American, there hardly goes a week without the news of data breach or Cyber related attacks. America lies victim to most of these attacks and as the Presidential election draws close, voters are unsure of the outcome of the election as h*ckers keep exploiting their system.

  MacKeeper Security Center reveals that over 350k voters information were h*cked and made public. The database includes private details of the voters including full name, residential address, contact numbers, gender, date-of-birth, race, marital status, date of voter registration, state voter ID, unique voter ID, political association and if the person has voted in primary elections or not. 

 The breached data released are different states and denominated as NJ/MT/CA/VA and below is the brief overview records from each of the states.
“California voter_file = 60,744 records; MT voter_file = 50,000 records; NJ voter_file = 72,114 records; VA voter_file = 62,574 records (with party ID, WardCode, VANID); VA voter_file = 61,995 records; VA voter_file = 46,625 records; Total= 354,052 records.”
 Last year September 2015, MacKeeper Security also identified that Louisiana's 2.9million voter record leaked and also the state were trading them.

US election h*ck on voters data, Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump email H*cks

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