Globe unlimited free internet trick on http injector

Pappi Hex

 Hello folks, today i present to you another free unlimited trick which i believe you guys are quite familiar with. This free internet trick is for Globe users in the Philippines and it makes use of the http injector app to give users free unlimited access to the internet.

  The trick is for the Android users and also the settings for http injector are quite simple to implement. Kindly follow the below procedures and enjoy the free internet trick.  The configurations were made courtesy of Loquez.

1. A Globe sim card
2. An Android device
3. Your sim card must have 0.00mb or data
4. Follow the remaining steps below

Procedures to get the free internet:
1. First you have to open a free account on either or or just simply click here to get the full tips on how to open an ssh account to access free internet.

2. Click here to download http injector
3. Click any of the links below to download any of the Globe configurations.
   Link1 download       Link2 download4. Now open the http injector app, click on the middle icon at the top right corner of the screen and then upload your configuration, input your username and details, Connect and enjoy free unlimited internet.

Note: If you are having issues with your connection then simply configure your access point this way;
Name: Techmilitant
APN: and then save

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  1. Pappi Hex.. I'm in Ghana and am trying to browse free with the http injector., pls help me

  2. Do you have any for Kenya please

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