Chinese Hackers hacks the iPhone 6S and the Nexus6 P, pockets $215,000 bounty

Pappi Hex

 Famous Chinese hackers, the Tencent Keen Security Lab has won a total prize money of $215,000 in the 2016 Mobile Pwn2own contest sponsored by Trend Micro Zero Day initiative (ZDI) in Tokyo, Japan.

 The Tencent Keen team succeeded in h*cking the Google Nexus 6P and the iPhone 6S despite Apple updates to their security system on iOS10. The Keen Lab team exploited two iOS vulnerability: a use after bug in the renderer and a memory flaw which they took advantage of and stole pictures from the device.

 For the Nexus6P, it took the h*ck team less than 5minutes to h*ck the device. The Tencent Keen team used a combination of two vulnerabilities and other flaws in the Android OS and then succeeded in installing a rogue application on to the Nexus 6P without the user's consent. This exploit fetched them $102,500 and coupled with the award from the iPhone 6S h*ck, the team took home $215,000.

 Earlier, Apple had credited Marco Grassi from Keen Lab for discovering a remote flaw execution flaw in iOS that could compromise victim's phone only by viewing a JPEG that is maliciously crafted.

H*acker on Zero day, Chinese h*ckers h*ck the iPhone 6S iOS10.1 and the Nexus 6P

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