Boy Commits Suicide while playing League Of Legend game Online

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 A 13-year-old game addict in São Vicente, on the coast of São Paulo, Brazil has been reported to commit suicide after failing a game challenge online.

 According to reports from G1, the boy used a rope and tied it to a boxing bag on to the ceilign of the room where he choked himself. The boy was taken to the Municipal Hospital of São Vicente where he died on Sunday 16th October.

 The boys Uncle said that Gustavo was playing a game called League of Legends. According to him, the rules of the game were such that if a player lost the game, the participants gave the loser a "choking challenge" in which the loser had to stop the flow of air with their hands or any object in order to induce dizziness or something similar.

 The police said that the boy was playing with three others who probably witnessed the act on the webcam when the hanging took place. The boys Uncle added that the hanging wasn't his first because one of the player wrote in a conversation saying that ‘Detter’ had gone to hang himself “again”. 

According to the police report, the boy was playing with three others when the hanging took place. The scene may have been witnessed over webcam in real time by the other players.
Conversations obtained by a relative in messaging applications and the computer itself used by Gustavo state that this would not be the first time that he participated in the alleged challenge. One player wrote in one of the conversations that he thought that ‘Detter’ had gone to hang himself “again”.

Boy commits suicide during Game play in Brazil, League of legends

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