Telenor free internet trick for November 2016

Pappi Hex

 I believe this free internet trick doesn't require any palaver so i would go straight to the point. This free internet trick works on Android, PC, iPhone, Java phones and the rest. Know that this free iternet trick is for Pakistani users, so just head down and follow the instructions and enjoy this free internet trick!

1. A Telenor simcard with zero data or credit balance
2. Android, PC, iPhone etc device
3. Any tunneling app that suites you

How to get the free internet trick working:
1. Go to your phones access point and configure it this way:
  Name: Techmilitant
  apn: internet
  Port: 8080 and then save
2. Now open your handler app and configure it this way. Use as your backquery or host and then save and start browsing for free.
3. To download, simply copy or follow this link and then paste the link of what you want to download and then enjoy.

Telenor free internet trick for Pakistan, iPhone, Android, Pc free internet trick fr Dec 2016

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    1. I dont know yet if its limited because as of the time of this post, those using it didn't experience any limitation.

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