Nokia Sues Apple Over Patent Infringement

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 Nokia is back and set to re-establish its self to its former glory as the number one phone producer, But Nokia isn't entering the market gently, Nokia is set to grab the market by force but before then it has to do what big boys such as Samsung and Apple does which is Law Suit!
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 The Finnish company yesterday took to their blog to announce that it was sueing Apple in both the U.S and Europe over infringement and use of patents regarding technology in displays, video coding, antennas, software's, users interface and chipsets.

 Nokia didn't specify yet if it had to do with the hardware or software in Apple products, although its most likely that they are referring to the iPhone and iPad. Nokia lawsuit seem to cover wide range of Apple products as they mentioned that the company's patents are being used in "many" of Apple products.

 Nokia is filing the lawsuit in Europe with the Regional Courts in Germany and also in three different regions which are Mannheim, Munich and Dusseldorf. In the U.S so far, Nokia has only file a complaint against Apple with the U.S District Court of the Eastern Texas and then hopes to file more subsequently.
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 Apple and Nokia have had a long history of filing lawsuit against each other as early as 2011 until the two buried the hatchet and then came the Samsung VS Apple long decade law suit war. Apple seem to be at the heat of it more.

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