TechFoe New Telegram Channel for Tech news, Free Internet Tricks Updates - TECH FOE

TechFoe New Telegram Channel for Tech news, Free Internet Tricks Updates

   Techfoe has added a new Telegram Channel on telegram to share latest news, Tutorials and Free internet tricks and at the same time, officially switching from WhatsApp to Telegram. 
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There are some free internet tricks that cant be shared on techfoe or the Facebook page so as to make the trick last long. WhatsApp has always been the medium of communication but due to the restrictions, we would be switching to telegram so as to be able to easily share configurations without editing.

  Download a Telegram app for your android device, iPhone or PC and then click on the below links to get started.

For those who have a personal inquiry can message Pappihex via Telegram

To get on to Techfoe channel simply access it via this link


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