Fire breaks out at factory belonging to the maker of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 battery

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  Samsung SDI Co. the company that built the faulty batteries for the Galaxy Note7, said one of its plants in China caught fire.

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 The company described the fire incidence as "minor" which the they said was quickly put out. A spokesman told Bloomberg that the fire didn't affect production as it occurred at a waste depository, not a production facility.

 So far the cause of the fire out break is still unknown though there are suggestions that the fire started as a result of discarded batteries at the plant. Pictures flooding China's Weibo social media showed huge plumes of smoke rising from the plant.

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 Last year, Samsung had a disastrous outing with the Galaxy Note7 due to faulty batteries that kept over heating and exploding. In a bid to save its face, Samsung recalled the Note7 devices and had their batteries replaced but still the they kept exploding. Finally, Samsung had to announce a massive recall of all the note7 devices sold. A refund were made to the customers or an option to pick the S7 with a gift from Samsung.

 Samsung incrued losses in Billions of US Dollars from the failed production of the Note7 which then gave iPhone a slight edge over Samsung as the most sold phone in 2016.

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