This Free Wifi App Gives Users Passwords Of Wifi Hotspots For Free Internet Access In 2021

 The internet today has gradually grown over time to form a vital part of our day-to-day activity. Our addiction and dependence on the internet has grown so much that a day hardly pass without us flipping online to catch a glimpse at one or two happenings. All these online activities all depends on data subscription, the subscription which is quite expensive to afford, but i have a solution to that.

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 Today i will introduce you to an app that grants you free access to password encrypted Wifi networks for free worldwide!

Wifi Map is an application that maps out Wifi-hotspots and gives you the password to access them for free and make use of their internet. It also allows users to contribute and submit WiFi-hotspot credentials such as name and access passwords for the audience.

 The Wifi networks are plotted on a map to make it easy for you to be able to locate the Wifi network that is closer to you. 

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 With over 100,000,000 accessible Wi-fi hotspot locations, this app would be of great resource to travelers and those who live where there are many Wifi networks not minding if you are in Europe, Asia, America, Europe, Australia or Africa.

 Wifi Map is available for Android and iOS. 

Click here to download for both Android and iOS

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