Chrome On Android Will Notify You Of Data Breach And Automatically Change Your Compromised Passwords

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Memorizing passwords can be a real pain. From your email to your social media accounts, cloud services, forum logins, and more. Having a good password habit that requires you to have different passwords for each of your online services is strenuous. Thus, people resent using a single password for all the websites.

However, the downside here is that once one of the accounts gets compromised in a breach, all your accounts and data will be at the mercy of the hackers. Well, the good news is that Google has something that will help with that.

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Google, at its I/O annual developer conference held this week, announced a new feature on the Google Chrome browser that automatically changes a compromised password with a single tap. 

Using Google's Duplex technology to perform this functionality, Chrome will be able to fix compromised passwords whenever it detects a breach.

Whenever you check for compromised passwords on supported applications or websites, Google Assistant will enable a Change Password button. This button will direct Chrome to search the web and see-through with the password changing process. 

The tool also checks to see if saved passwords have been compromised too. When Chrome finds a compromised password involved in a data breach, the user will be prompted with a "Change Password" button from Google Assistant. Once you tap on the button, you will choose if you want to go through the process manually and supervise the credential changing process. 

For now, this feature is currently available for Chrome Android users in the US and as well, supports a small number of apps and websites. This feature will be rolled out in other regions too.

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