This iPhone is also an Android device!

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 Are you confused picking an Android or iPhone as your next device? or lets say that you want both phones but don't want to undergo the hassle of having to carry both phones? well if you are one of those people then i think this Kickstarter may just be for you!

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 The Eye is a case for your iPhone which has raised over $200,000 on their crowd funding site. The Eye case is an iPhone case that is an Android device and it comes packed with a 5 inch display, SIM slots, an IR blaster & wireless charging and a 2800mAh battery power which can also add up to that of the iPhone device!

Priced at $187, this iPhone case which is also an Android device, has a two SIM slot; a single SIM slot for your iPhone and two SIM slots on your Android device which allows you to have three separate Phone numbers. The SD card slot on the Eye can be used to save videos, photos etc and even transfer data to and fro between your iPhone and your Android case. 

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 The Android on the Eye case can be used as front-facing screen for the iPhone's rear-facing camera letting you to take the best selfies. The Android on the Eye has an always-on display but designers promises that that the power drain of the Android device would be at just 1% an hour.

 Does this catch your fancy? You can join the backers and book yours at half the price. Remember to comment below your thoughts on it.

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  1. Is this divice available in south africa

    1. Its not yet made available for retail but you can pre-order for it

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