How To Use Your Android Phone As A Microphone

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 Android is the worlds most popular OS on mobile platform because of it can be tweaked in different forms to give results. Today i will be showing you guys on how to use your Android device as a microphone.

 There are so many apps that can be used to make your android device work as a microphone but for the cause of this post, we will be making use of an app produced by Wonder Grace called "microphone"

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 This app once installed on your phone, can be used as an alternative when there's no microphone.

Features of the Microphone app:
1. Amplifier 
2. Mono/ Stereo (Balance channel individually)
3. Equalizer adjustments
4. Line-in/ Line-Out Selection
5. Sampling rate selection
6. Widget support (lock screen and Re-sizable)
7. Supports locale/ Taker as a plugin

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How to use:
1. First thing to do is establish connection between your speaker and your android device. You can either use a cable for it or connect it using Bluetooth (if the speaker is Bluetooth enabled)
2. Click here to download the microphone app and install 

3. Open the app and then tap on the microphone logo to power the mic on
4. Now speak to the mic to test it to see if its working
5. When you have tested it, you will find out that the sound is either echoing or coming out too sharp
6. This app has configurable options like the equalizer, Phonics and other settings to give you the ideal value that would march what you want.

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