Court orders hacker to pay over $300,000 for website defacement and database breach of former employer

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 A California court has slammed Yovan Garcia a bill of more than $300,000 for hacking into his former employer's computer system and company's website.

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 Yovcan Garcia a former security officer of Tyan Inc was found guilty of misusing his employers computer system in a judge only trial in January. According to the register, in 2014 the company first noticed something was wrong in Garcia's claims for overtime and his roasted hours, while unknown to them Garcia was logging in from the laptop in his car to book extra hours using a credential he got for the FileMaker pro-based payroll system.

  After parting ways with the company, Garcia hacked the company's website and defaced it with the social security number digits of the operational manager and also an unpleasant picture of the manager. 

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The former employee also hacked his former boss email and the company's database, server files, accounting software and the FileMaker pro databases. The rogue employee went further to use files filched from security specialist to solicit the company's customers. 

A later date has been scheduled for the final hearing this month.

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