Hackers hitting Thai companies with Ransomware attacks

Pappi Hex

 Ransomware attacks have gained popularity among hackers worldwide, with the attackers locking files and programs on the computer systems of anyone that falls victim to their trick, not minding the individual’s financial strength. But in Thailand, ransomware attacks is strictly for the big the companies.

According to the Bangkok post, hackers are targeting mostly the big companies and charging them huge amount of money to unlock their systems or locked data. The report says that most of the companies end up paying the ransom and never lodge a complaint in fear of hurting their reputation.

 “When ransomware is installed on the targeted computer network, the entire system is frozen. That is when the hacker usually contacts the administrator and demand a ransom payment,” the Bangkok post quoted a police inspector with the TCSD’s sub-dividion 1, pol Maj Pathompong Silapasuk.

 The companies that are held to ransom for some unknown reason(s) don’t report the incident to the police –maybe to save their face from investors, or some might be scared not to involve the authorities so as not to provoke the hackers who can remotely wipe off their system data.

Design Alternative Company also suffered from a ransomware attack. but instead, they refused to pay the ransom and then involved an external body and at the end they lost more than 1 million baht (USD 28,876) in the process.

 “That cost me more than 1 million baht, which was more than the initial ransom they demanded I pay. And if I had paid it right away, I would not have faced this much loss,” Mr. Somsak CEO of Design Alternative Company said.

 Here's a guide to help you defend your self against Ransonware attacks - courtesy of SenseCy

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