iPhone 8 Plus Burst while charging

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 Last year Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 line of device was called off the market due to a fault in the battery which made the device to over heat and explode when it was being charged. Apple also had a couple of devices that exploded too, though just a fraction of the unit sold.

 Not too long ago, Apple recently launched the iPhone 8, 8 plus and X but news coming from Taiwan says an iPhone plus user reported that her iPhone 8 plus 64GB burst into flames while it was being charged.

 According to cnbeta, the woman who simply identified herself as Miss Wu said that she hurriedly pulled out the charger from her iPhone when she noticed that the battery was inflating and feared that it might explode. The inflated battery pushed out the screen of the iPhone 8 Plus.

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Reports says Miss Wu is just a regular and not a heavy phone user. All she does is Facebook, watch movies and a few times played games. Miss Wu who used the original charger that came with the iPhone has had her iPhone replaced by Apple who are also investigating the cause.

Apple could be looking at a dangerous situation that might place it in the same line as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The company that manufactures battery for Apple is called ATL, the same company that provided the exploding batteries for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Well, Samsung eventually dropped ATL as a supplier.


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