Japanese Police uncovers 13-year-old malware selling kid

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 A 13-year-old Japanese Junior High school student who have been selling computer malware to fellow students have been handed over to a child consultation centre. 

 The second grader whose name is withheld`at first tried selling the malware on Twitter but couldn't since the social networking site doesn't provide option for money transfer. The student later advertised and sold the malicious software on Mercari online flea market place.

According to the Nara Prefectural Police's cyber crime unit, the second grader admitted selling the malware to four other boys aged between 14 and 19 because he needed money.

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 The Japan News reports that four boys paid the 13-year-old points worth between ¥860 to ¥1,500 that can be used on the mercari market place website but pleaded that they only bought the malware to perform pranks and not for any malicious purpose.

 The Nara Prefectural cyber Police came to know of the 13-year-old activities during an online patrol in March 2017. However, the 13-year-old won't be prosecuted because Japan cyber laws are applicable to persons from 14 years and above.

This kind of news originating from Japan won't be the first this year. In June a 14-year-old Japanese boy was arrested for creating a ransomware malware and dumping the source code online.

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