Poker site suffers 3-days massive DDoS attack for refusing to pay ransom

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 An unknown hacker on the 1st of September embarked on a 3-day long massive DDoS attacks on the servers of American's Cardroom and its Winning Poker Network (WPN) forcing its services including Online Super Series (OSS) Cub3d to go offline.
 Confirming the attack on the first day, American Cardroom Tweeted "We are currently experiencing a DDOS attack, all running tournaments have been paused. Will keep you updated." However, the attacks kept coming in until the poker company had to cancel all the tournaments and do a refund to all its clients.

 The company Technicians at some point were able to mitigate the situation but the attacker kept on until the company had to place all running tournaments on pause. The attacker kept spamming the poker site with fake traffic and finally came to a halt on the third day which was the 3rd of September.

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 Explaining the incident on his Twitch channel, WPN CEO Phil Nagy said that the attacker demanded for ransom to halt the DDoS attacks but he refused to succumb to it.

 "We had the attacker on chat and say i'm gonna attack you in one minute and he does the attack, but i will never pay an attacker i wont pay a ransom, I won't do it because once you get the bully get your lunch money, h's taking your all the time. Once they make you a b*tch, you are a b*tch, and i don't like the idea of being a b*tch."

 The attacker told Nagy that another site was actually paying him to launch those DDoS attacks.

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  1. Hello, wanted to ask if u can please help, i know you busy and all but i don't know anybody else who i can ask for help.
    Currently Telekom SA is offering 500GB of nighyshiift data from 12AM to 07AM for R50, i wanted to know is there any way that i can use this data during the day also.
    I would really appreciate your help. Sorry for the trouble

  2. This isn't the first time Winning Poker Network has been attacked. They are often victimized during the OSS, such as what happened in this example. They have large guaranteed tournaments and the attackers DDoS them and cause heavy server response degredation. This results in less players playing or rebuying and subsequently the tournaments do not meet their guarantees.

    One time, a $1,000,000 guaranteed tournament had to be cancelled 5 hours into the event. On other ocassions WPN stuck it out, but lost over $250,000 in a single tournament because they had to honor the guarantee without enough players having played:

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