Android Users Spent Nearly 325 Billion Hours On Apps In Q3 2017

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  App analytics company, App Annie on Monday revealed that Android users have spent nearly 325 billion hours on Android apps over the course of the third quarter of the year.

 The report by App Annie which is part of its Market Index Report, suggests that  the figure which marks a 40 percent annual growth is likely to be maintained in the near term.

 The analytics company said the Google Play Store and iOS App Store all combined, will come close to reaching 240 billion downloads by 2021. The forecasts predicts consumers to spend more than $100 billion in mobile apps on an annual basis starting four years from now.

 According to App Annie, the rate of in-app purchase is growing at a rate three times to that of total apps downloads which suggests that the global market for mobile software is maturing as seen in previous years where Android users downloaded more apps while iOS users spend more in apps. The Analytics added that the third quarter of the year saw both demographics spend $17 billion combined, 28 percent more compared to the same period last year.

  App Annie says Android apps download lingered around 17 billion mark in Q3 2017, growing by 125 percent year after year. On the other hand, roughly 16 billion iOS apps occurred during the three month period (which ended September 30) which is a 115 percent annual increase. Apps installs on Android phones keeps increasing and outpacing that of iOS.

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