This Samsung Galaxy S8 Clone Sells For Less Than $80!

Pappi Hex

Imagine you came across a Samsung Galaxy S8 device that sales for less than $80 and the seller even tells you that it would be shipped to your address for free! Well i think you just came across one -- urm not a Samsung Galaxy S8 device but a clone!

Remember GooPhone? the company that is notoriously known for stealing designs of premium phones to create rip-offs. GooPhone has made rip-offs of the iPhone X, iPhone 7, 6 and 5, Samsung Galaxy S8, Note 8 and other premium brands.

 This Samsung Galaxy S8 clones specs are completely different and inferior to the real device. The clone spots a meager RAM of 1GB and ROM of 4GB size capacity but shows a fake 4GB RAM and 64GB of ROM. It has a Quad Core processor, Display screen of 5.8 inch and 6.2inch(for the plus).

  This clone device which comes with an Android Operating System has a 2800mAH battery size, dual sim, finger print unlocker and other features coupled with some fake features it claims to have. The seller says it supports 54 languages and has support for Bixby. This clone device is priced between $75.14 - 131.32 per piece.

GooPhone has been in this cloning game for quite a number of years and at a point even dared the original manufactures of those device. Some years back, GooPhone stole the design of the iPhone 5 and then managed to create a "GooPhone 5" which they launched before the iPhone 5. When Apple launched the iPhone 5, GooPhone threatened to sue them for copyright infringements!

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