Apple Fires iPhone X Engineer After daughter Uploads Video Of The Unreleased Device On YouTube

Pappi Hex

 Apple has fired an engineer after his daughter made an iPhone X hands-on video and then uploaded it on Youtube.

 The video which went viral on YouTube did not only record the iPhone X alone but also recorded some part of the facility, a thing that is forbidden in the facility.

 According to Theverge, the YouTuber whose name is Brooke Amelia Peterson went to the tech giant Apple campus to visit her dad and also to access the iPhone X before its worldwide launch on November 3.

 In the process she decided to do a hand-on video on the iPhone X but then revealed a "special employee-only QR codes" and also codenames of unreleased Apple products.

 Although the other revelations made in the video were unintentionally done, Apple quickly sacked the girls dad when sites like 9to5Mac and others made the video go viral on YouTube.

 In another video uploaded on YouTube, Peterson can be seen crying as she explained that her father was fired as a result of the video she uploaded on YouTube. She said the video she uploaded was in violation of the companys rule to film the unreleased at Apple's campus.

Peterson has removed the video after Apple asked that it be brought down.


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