WhatsApp Users Can Now Delete Messages Sent By Mistake

Pappi Hex

WhatsApp has finally rolled out the feature that enable users to delete messages sent to other WhatsApp users.

This new "Delete for everyone"feature is available for Android, iOS and windows Phone users although WhatsApp announces on its FAQ page that the new feature isnt available to all users for now (even those with the latest version of WhatsApp) although it shouldn't take long before the update rolls out to all users.

 WhatsApp explained that the Delete for everyone feature will be available for messages sent to groups and individual chats. When a message has been deleted, the deleted message would be replaced with "This message has been deleted" notice.

 However, WhatsApp warns that you can only delete sent messages within 7 minutes from the time that it was sent. The user wont be able to delete the message if he or she wait longer than that 7 minutes limit.

 Another factor necessary for the "Delete for everyone" feature is that both the sender and the recipient must have the latest version of WhatsApp, and also have the Delete for everyone feature enabled.

One major scare WhatsApp users are having is the fact that WhatsApp warns that recipient might see messages that were recalled , but did not delete successfully. Worse still, WhatsApp won't notify senders that their message(s) wasn't successfully deleted! So i urge those of you who might want to bombard your boss with "whatever it is kind of message" with hopes of deleting it should think twice before embarking on such.

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