Apple Users To Wait Longer For iPhone X As High Demand Exceeds Supply

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 Apple users might have to waited longer than expected for the highly priced iPhone X due to high demands which exceeds Apple's current stock.

 The $1000 device which went on sale on Apple's website in the US on Friday at 12:01 a.m Pacific Time ahead of the device shipping next week, only lasted for 10 minutes as customers quickly exhausted the few units. Those who made orders after the 10 minutes were told that they would have to wait for about 5- 6 weeks before they could receive the device - a sign that explained everything in store had been sold.

 The "demand for Apple's new iPhone X exceeded initial supply within minutes of pre-orders opening on Friday for the hotly anticipated new device," The Financial Times wrote in its article regarding the excess demand over supply of the iPhone X.

Apple lovers in the UK too faced a similar wait and also reports said that pre-orders for the iPhone X in Hong Kong lasted less than 30 minutes as the device was completely sold out within that time.

The shortage of the iPhone X can be blamed on the low sales of the iPhone 8. Apple, trying to be on the safe side made available a few quantity of the iPhone X to see how the market responds.

 Although Android phone makers were killing physical buttons and making bezeless device, Apple wasn't sure how iPhone users felt about the iPhone X and so had to launch the iPhone X alongside the iPhone 8 so as to get Apple users attention -- a thing Apple never does. Apple never launches two premium device at the same time.

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 While the demand for the iPhone X is still very high, Apple is expected to build about 20 million to 40 million of the device in the next few months, although analysts are hinting that the iPhone X would still remain a scare commodity for a longer period of time than most of its predecessors.

"We expect led times of four to six weeks for the month of November," said Gene Munster, Apple analyst and investor at Loup ventures. "We believe the iPhone X will reach global supply-demand equilibrium sometime in the March quarter, or three to four months after launch. Typically it takes time to reach equilibrium."


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