iPhone 8 Battery Swelling Issue Reported In The US

Pappi Hex

Another case of the iPhone 8 swelling battery appeared online last week, but this time in the US.

The Reddit user who is an employee of BestBuy, posted an image of the bulging iPhone 8 device said that his store had received the device and had to publish an image of it online. BestBuy is an American multinational consumer corporation headquartered in Richfield, Minneosota.

 Users of Apple's recently launched iPhone 8 series have been complaining of the phone's  battery swelling issue.

 Earlier, a Taiwanese woman complained that her iPhone 8 Plus battery got swollen while she plugged it to charged. The panic-stricken woman who claimed to use an original iPhone charger said she got scared with the taught of the iPhone exploding, and had to unplug it from the socket. Apple had her iPhone replaced for her.

 Another iPhone 8 user in Canada last week complained of he "bought and unboxed a new iPhone 8 Plus on Sunday, but was forced to return it by Monday after the display popped out." 

Cases of Apple related iPhone 8 battery issues have been recorded in China, Canada, Taiwan, US, Japan and Greece, though from the looks of things, the figures will keep rising.

Apple had previously assured of looking into the cause of the battery swelling issues occurring on the iPhone 8 device.

Here's what i said in my other post regarding this and hope it doesn't get worse, "Apple should investigate the cause of the swollen batteries and find a remedy to it before it escalate like that of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. And as you all know, the same people producing the iPhone 8 Plus battery were the same people that made batteries for the Samsung Galaxy Note7."

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