Over 37,000 Chrome Users Fooled Into Installing Fake Adblock Plus Extension

Pappi Hex

 The use of Ad block plugins has greatly increased over the cause of time due to intrusive and malicious ads becoming popular these days, even though  most websites still display clean ads on their sites.

 The Ad block trend has not only drawn legit users but also cyber-criminals who has seen this as an opportunity to exploit innocent web users.

 A fake version of the Adblock Plus extension surfaced on the Chrome Web Store, deceiving users who installed the fake plugin in thousand before Google was alerted and finally pulled it out of the Store.
 The fake Adblock Plus plugin which stayed on Google Chrome Store for just a few days was first noticed by Twitter user who goes by the name SwiftOnSecurity. Google quickly took down the fake plugin upon notification, though SwiftOnSecurity estimated the fake plugin to have had over 37,000 downloads.

  Chrome Web Store users who downloaded the plugin said that the plugin didn't block ads from displaying, but instead served their browser with intrusive and annoying ads,

Adblock Plus Google Chrome users who recently installed the plugin are advised to delete their current plugin and download and re-install.

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