Fake Shopping Apps On The Prowl To Steal Consumers Credit Card Details

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Cybercriminals are known to always take advantage of any latest trend to perform illicit activities. As the culture lies, every end of the year marketer’s offer out their product at a very low discounted rate so as to clear their stores and prepare for the new-year season. 

This trend which has become a global act draws out many buyers who throng online stores to get the best rate­. However, a new report suggests that many online shoppers might download app malicious apps pretending to be the original and fall prey to hackers during the Black Friday season.

 According to Digital threat management company RiskIQ, over 32,000 malicious mobile apps are using the branding of the top-five online retailers to trick online shoppers into downloading them so as to steal logins and credit card information.

RiskIQ which used internet reconnaissance and analytics to identify the digital threats against the eCommerce companies, explained that those apps seek to trick shoppers into giving up Gmail, Facebook, credit card credentials or even download an information stealing malware or ransomware.

 Of the 4,356 black Friday themed apps available in app stores, malicious apps makes up four percent of the total apps (which means there exist a malicious app in every 25 apps). Each of the top five brands have at least 15 malicious apps that use their name and branding alongside the ‘Black Friday’ term.

 Also to note, the top-five retail brands have black listed a combined figure of more than 1,451 malicious URLS that contain their brand terms and Black Friday. It is worth to note that these malicious links are linked to spam or phishing.

 To avoid falling for this scam, RiskIQ recommends that shoppers make download only from official app stores. The consumer spending for this years Black Friday is expected to be up by 47 percent compared to last year, make no mistake because cybercriminals would never stop until they enough hervest.

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