Heres How To Easily Recover Received Deleted Messages On Telegram and WhatsApp

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WhatsApp recently added a feature called "Delete For Everyone" on WhatsApp, a feature that allows WhatsApp users to delete sent messages within a span of seven minutes.

This new feature was welcomed by users on the messaging platform as it was seen as a solution to curb those embarrassing messages that users mistakenly send. However, a blogger has come up with a means to retrieving those deleted messages on both WhatsApp and Telegram.

 According to Androidjefe, deleted messages on Both WhatsApp and Telegram can be retrieved  using third party apps which is known as Notification History or even Nova Launcher. However, it is worth to note that the this feature works for those on Android 6.0+ above.

 The blog however explained some limitations to this message retrieval as such:

  •  Photos or videos can not be retrieved but only deleted text that can be recovered.
  •  When the messages are recovered, only the first 100 characters that can be recovered only
  •  It only works with messages that have generated a notification on the phone. That is, you can not retrieve received messages if you have viewed the send message from the other whatsApp user.

This new discovery is a cause of worry for others, but as you all know WhatsApp and Telegram will roll up an update to fix it. However, for the time being i urge you all to avoid sending nasty messages and hoping on the "Delete For Everyone" feature to bail you.

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