New Google Al Tech Alerts You When Strangers Peek At Your Phone

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Internet giant Google is working on a new security feature that protects phone users against strangers glancing at your device over shoulder.

Developed by Google researchers Hee Jung Ryu and Florian Schroff, the "Electronic Screen Protector" uses artificial intelligence and facial recognition to notify users when someone else is looking at their screen. 

This "Electronic Screen Protector" technology is designed to protect phone users from snoopers trying to steal information from the users screen. When an uninvited users stares at the users screen, the technology uses the devices front camera to detect and then notify the user by indicating using a symbol to point at the snooper.

According to a YouTube video as seen here, when a stranger's gaze is detected when the owner of the device is using the device, the  phone screen automatically switches to the front camera and then uses a big rainbow to point to the strangers face.

However, when the strangers looks away, the screen returns back to whatever the user was doing when the stranger tried to peer at it.

The researchers plan to present this technology at the 2017 Neural Information Processing (NIPS) Conference which would take place in Long Beach, California, December. 

Google is yet to make any public statement regarding this technology nor plans to intergrate its functionality into its software.

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