Raid: Ethiopia Free Internet Trick And Update

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I said i was going to create a free internet trick for Ethiopian users on Ethiotelecom but gave up when those that were to test the configurations didn't understand simple terms used for those tunneling apps. I made a post explaining those terms but some still found it difficult and so i had to give up on that region.

However, i recently found folks who in Ethiopia who understands how this things works which would be easy for me in creating tricks for the region. There might be a trick on the way but please don't push for it.

Todays trick is for Ethiotelecom users. This trick uses the DNS protocol for tunneling to provide users with free internet access. Android users can make use of Slow DNS while PC users can make use of TunnelGuru to also benefit from this trick. However, it is best you know that DNS is a slow form of browsing, so don't expect any super speed. Follow the procedures below and enjoy.

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1. Your Ethiotelecom simcard with zero data and calling credit
2. An Android or PC and an internet booster app
3. Your Slow DNS app. Link is available below
4. Patience. You will definitely need this when it comes to Slow DNS!

1. Click here to download slow DNS
2. Install and open the app and then configure using the below procedures:
    Username and password: Don't touch this part
    Server: select Netherland server or something better
    Choose TXT: Responses not encoded
    Next input 275 and 20
    Tick: Keep changing port
    Now connect
3. You might have to wait for some time for it connect because most times the servers are filled. But when it does connect, minimize and enjoy free internet access. PC users should also apply same or similar settings on the TunnelGuru app

  This trick has a daily limit. However, you can upgrade your account to premium or simply get the modded SlowDNS app for free unlimited access without having to pay for it.

Note: This post is for EDUCATIONAL purpose only. You are responsible on how you use this. Techfoe only drop such to alert ISP's of their vulnerabilities!

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  1. please can you make a more detailed tutorial on ethiotelecom. as you know there in no proxy working for free internet now in 2019 . please help

  2. bro please make another trick for Ethiopia free internet in 2019

    1. hay bra did slow dns worked for you? not for me?

  3. please bra tell as more to get free internet wz your freedom apk
    he did not now our isp

  4. it didn't work, you fk'n scammers !

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