Alleged 'Nigerian Prince' Email Scammer Busted In The US

Pappi Hex

The Slidell Police Department has arrested a Louisiana man in connection with the "Nigerian Prince" scheme that has scammed several people thousands of dollars.

 Michael Neu, 67, faces 269 counts of wire fraud and money laundry following an 18-month thorough investigation carried out by the police.

"Neu is suspected to have been the 'middle man', and participated in hundreds of financial transactions, involving phone and internet scams, designed to con money from victims across the United States,"a statement from the Slidell PD read. " Some of the money obtained by Neu was subsequently wired to co-conspirators in the Country of Nigeria."

Scams like this are very common. Everyday, those behind the scamming scheme employ new methods which has resulted in victims losing millions of dollars.

 The Federal Trade Commission explains that "the people behind these messages claim to be officials, bussinesspeople, or the surviving spouses of former government honchos in Nigeria or another country whose money is tied up temporarily. They offer to transfer lots of money into your bank account if you will pay the fees or 'taxes' they need to get their money."

The Slidell Police Chief  Randy Fandal said he hoped that the arrest would serve as a warning to others. He further went on to warn and urge people never to disclose financial or "personal information over the phone, through email, cash checks for other individuals, or wire large amount of money to someone" they never knew. Saying that 99.9% of the time its usually scammers.

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