Anonymous Hack Group Hack The Italian Police Database, Deletes The Entire Archive

Pappi Hex

Last week, hack group "Anonymous" broke into a speed camera database in Italy, hijacked a local police computer system in Correggio, Italy and then deleted the entire archive containing speed camera tickets and then went on to release the internal emails and documents.

According to Gazzetta di Reggio, the Anonymous hackers sent a message using the email account of the Correggio police.

"Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas," the message from Anonymous mockingly read. The message announced the hack carried out on the Concilia database and also that of the system developed by Verbatel company.
 The message also contained passwords to download the data and also screenshots of the hacks. Two screenshots show claims from two motorists complaining that they received tickets from Correggio speed cameras even though they had never passed through the area. Another sceenshot show a Window command line most likely to be that of the hacked computer of Correggio Municipal police.

Emails sent to and fro between police administrators and local politicians show their discussion on how the speed camera profits were to be distributed.

 The police are still the investigating case.

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  1. That is very strange update the Italian police databases has been hacked. Such security departments must secure their data to get hacked. Thanks for the information on from hacking world as I love to learn about hacking.

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