CES 2018: This Smartwatch Sucks Energy From Your Body To Power Itself

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 Smartwatches are increasingly growing popular by the day, its functionality ranges from checking users fitness, receiving phone calls, controlling our smartphones, receiving notifications etc. These functionalities gives our smartphones some rest.

However, smartwatches have a problem which is their small battery size. Due to the small build of these watches and heavy power consumption, the batteries can't compete with their traditional counterparts which can run for more than a year. Well, it seems someone provided the solution to this battery issue at this years CES 2018.

The PowerWatch X is a smartwatch that charges itself with the body heat of the person wearing it. The smartwatch which was unveiled by Martix Industries at the CES 2018, uses a Thermoelectric technology to convert the wearers body heat into electricity --- similar to the Bitcoin suit that mines for cryptocurrency using human body heat.

 This smartwatch is not the first to feature a thermoelectric energy converter from the company, in fact it is an upgraded version of the first one made by the company.

Other features of this smartwatch includes fitness tracking such as taking note of the users calorie burn, amount of sleep, steps taken, Bluetooth functionality and push notification, a power indicator that tells how much electricity the persons body has produced to charge the smartwatch.

The PowerWatch X wrist watch uses the built in battery, while running in a low power mode to power itself when the user has unstrapped it. In other words, if the user keeps the smartwatch strapped to his wrist, there watch would always be charged through out its life time! This looks similar to

Compatible with both Android and iOS, the PowerWatch X is available for purchase for $249.

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